Most times, it’s not the horse…

We got started rescuing horses because we found that there was a disconnect between the horse and the owner. The owner thought it was the horse and the horse knows its the owner.

Too often, a horse’s life turns to neglect or abuse because the owner focuses on command and not trust. A horse will follow you if it knows it can trust you. People think a horse responds to control, but they respond to respect.

Rescue – ReBuild – ReLive

Thats the 3 Rs of Layla Rose Ranch. This is our goal for every horse. Rescue it from a sad situation, ReBuild horse to trust again, ReLive – find the horse a new loving forever home.

They are is no shortage of opinions when it comes to working with a horse. But our idea is simple – its about building trust through compassion rather than control. Not only are we working to build trust between us and there horse, but also for the horse to trust themselves. Often times, when dumped in a kill pen, the horse thinks the abuse it his fault so he stops trusting his own actions and starts living in fear. 

We are located just 20 minutes West of Fort Worth, Texas.

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Age 16
Quarterhorse Gelding