Meet Angel

Angel’s owner had a pasture full of horses. For some
reason, we he died he had placed in his will to send the horses to a direct ship lot (better known as a kill pen.) Evidently, he did not want anyone to have his horses.

These horses are wild for sure. Not used to humans or touch and very scared. Angel (named by one of our donors) was pregnant when we pulled her out (as you can see in the picture). And she had her baby 4 days later.

Angel will have a long journey ahead. We will have to start her as a wild horse. But she will be a good horse ready for her forever home soon. 


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UPDATE on Iron Pebble

The colt, named Iron Pebble, has had a rough start. Mama had pneumoni, was malnourished and never vaccinated. So baby was born with several abscesses in his lungs and his arteries never fully developed. We were not able to get an IV in for medicine becasue of his veins and had to try as much medicine as we could. Sadly, after 10 days, one of the accesses broke free and quickly spread thoruogh his body. Catherine sat with his head on her lap for 3 hours and then he got up and gave her a kiss, went over to say bye to his momma and then laid down for the last time.

We are grateful for the 10 days he got to sodden on this Earth with us. It was 10 more days than he would have had otherwise.