When a new rescue first arrives, they are placed in our Quarantine Center. The Quarantine Center is a completely self-contained area separate from the rest of the horses. It is about 60′ x 100′.

Typically, a rescue has all sorts of health problems (pneumonia, lice, worms, etc) and we need to contain any spread. Also, since they often arrive without background data, we have to complete a Coggins test for safety.

The Quarantine Center has its own feed and water supply. And a separate tack room with a full set of tack. It has 2 stalls. One of the stalls will also convert to a stock for our vet to check them out

Behind the Quarantine Center is our quarantine pasture. Once the horse clears medical, then it is moved here. This is a small pasture that the horses will spend time in acclimating to pasture life before we assimilate them with the rest of the animals.

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