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Meet Lola But it’s better than As you can see from the picture on the left taken at the lot, she had no clue what was happening to her. This young lady is 8 months old pulled from a kill pen with Angel. Sadly, like many coming from the pens, Ms Lola has pneumonia. So […]


Meet Angel Angel’s owner had a pasture full of horses. For some reason, we he died he had placed in his will to send the horses to a direct ship lot (better known as a kill pen.) Evidently, he did not want anyone to have his horses. These horses are wild for sure. Not used […]


Meet Boomerang                    His mama died when he was 6 weeks old and the owner didn’t want to take care of him, so Boomerang ended up in a kill pen in Arkansas. When we picked him up, it was obvious he had a lot off issues. So we […]


Sometimes we get to the horse before they get in real bad shape as is the case with Ms Dixie. As you can see, her owner moved and was not able to see her but a couple of times a month. Credit to the owner, who relied they could not take care of her and […]


Meet Midnight Our 3rd Tennessee Walker to rescue, Midnight was not as much of a hard luck story as many of our horses. His owner, realizing he could not longer afford to care for him, contacted us. We gave the owner some money to help cover the debt acquired from owning horses and brought Midnight […]


We sometimes let our followers name the rescue, but Buddy chose his own name. We got suggestions from you and then asked him what he thought and here was his answer…. This poor guy showed serious signs of abuse. It was obvious he had been struck many times – and one time across his head […]