Layla Rose Ranch’s policy on euthanasia is that no healthy or otherwise treatable horse will be euthanized when alternatives exist to save it. Euthanasia is reserved solely for ending the suffering of a horse that has experienced serious and irreversible reduction in the quality of his or her life. Layla Rose Ranch is a rescue that serves as an advocate for the animals under its care. While this is a difficult choice, we approach this decision from the perspective of what is in the best interest of the horse.

No healthy or treatable horse will be euthanized when alternatives exist to save them.

Layla Rose Ranch considers euthanasia as an act of mercy and reserved for situations when a horse is irremediably suffering and a licensed veterinarian has determined that the horse is not a candidate for rehabilitation and has no chance of recovering an acceptable quality of life.

There are several circumstances in which Layla Rose Ranch may consider euthanasia as a humane and responsible choice. Among the most common of these are:

  • Incurable or progressive disease
  • Incurable or transmissible disease
  • Chronic or severe lameness
  • Inoperable colic
  • Foals born with serious defects
  • Severe debilitation in old age
  • Severe traumatic injury
  • Undue suffering for any reason

Layla Rose Ranch does not practice population control through euthanasia. All horses in our care are considered treatable unless determined otherwise by our team of expert veterinarians and professional farriers.The decision to euthanize a horse must be made with unanimous approval of the Board of Directors. 

The only method of euthanasia that Layla Rose Ranch finds acceptable is that recommended by the American Veterinary Medical Association (AMVA), specifically the use of veterinarian prescribed sedatives and FDA-approved euthanasia solutions administered in as comforting and loving a situation as possible.